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Health Recommendations

Similar to problems with eyesight, the loss of hearing is fairly common. In fact, approximately 10% of
Canadians have hearing difficulties. As well, 80% of people with hearing problems in our country are
neither diagnosed nor treated for their hearing-related issues!

Why is it important to take action immediately?


For Your Social Life:

  • A hearing loss complicates the interactions with our environment

  • The difficulties of having a one-on-one conversation in a social environment

Don’t allow your hearing loss to isolate you and to deprive you from the best moments in life!

Deciding to hear better will not only benefit you but your loved ones as well!


For your well-being:

  • When a person has difficulty hearing, it takes consistent and tiring effort to attempt to hear everything which brings on annoyance and even irritability to follow a conversation

Regain morale and confidence in yourself by improving and correcting your hearing.


For your safety:

  • Our ears function by transmitting a message to our brains in case of danger

  • For example: an approaching car, a fallen object, etc.

Hearing well also keeps you safe!

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