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The hearing assessment

The hearing assessment allows the hearing care professional to offer you personalized solutions to efficiently fulfill your auditory needs.


Our hearing care professionals are formed and up-to-date with the latest technologies to offer patients the choice, the adaptation, the deliverance, the control, and the individualized follow-ups on their hearing aids.

The hearing assessment process


Screening test

In order to choose the appropriate hearing aid that you will keep for an average of 6 years, the first step is to evaluate your hearing loss with our screening tests. Already within your first appointment, the hearing care professional will be able to analyze the audiometric test to evaluate your auditory needs.


Appointments with a professional

The success of hearing aids requires important interaction between the patients and the hearing care professionals. During appointments, you and your hearing care professional will discuss your lifestyle, the level, and type of hearing loss, as well as where it originated from. You will be able to express the discomfort you feel interacting with your environment with your hearing loss. Together with the professional, you will be able to define and indicate the most uncomfortable interactions that occur on a regular basis in order to direct you in the suitable path that will optimize your hearing correction.


The orientation

The hearing care professional will present you with the best range of hearing aids in your situation in terms of performance and discretion, based on your screening test, your appointment with the professional, and the anatomy of your ear canal. The professional will explain their functionalities and their advantages in order to determine which hearing aid suits your aesthetic needs best as well as your budget. They will also present you with the hearing aids offered by distinct establishments in place such as RAMQ, CNESST, etc.

What happens after the auditory orientation report?

Once you have chosen the specific hearing aid suggested by your hearing care professional, he/she will take responsibility for the fabrication of your customized ear molds to adapt your ears to the hearing aid chosen. Once they are ready, you will have the convenience to take them home and test their efficiency in your family setting, all for your satisfaction. If they fulfill your expectations, you may keep them and enjoy your sense of hearing again. In the event that they do not satisfy you, we will suggest you try different hearing aids.

*A prior consultation with an ENT will be required in order to prescribe your hearing aids.

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