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Services offered for residential homes and elderly institutions

Did you know that approximately 1 of 3 people between the ages of 65 and 74 suffer from hearing loss? That percentage goes up to 50 % after the age of 75! Yet, 3 of 4 people suffering from hearing loss wait about a year before receiving treatment. And close to 4 individuals with hearing loss out of 10 take over 5 years to actually receive a hearing aid!

This is why we offer an adapted program for residence homes for the elderly to facilitate and reduce the time it takes to complete the process.

A simple visit from a hearing care professional will allow us to determine the needs of all your residences.


“Take a step forward for them and contact us for more information about our program”

The Complete Service for your Hearing


Screening test:

We evaluate every patient that wishes to know the level of their hearing.


Advice and recommendations:

The hearing care professional will advise the residence in case of hearing loss, tinnitus, or overall state of hearing.


Appointment with Audiologist or ENT:

The hearing care professional will refer you to independent professionals if needed.


Hearing aids:

Patients who need a hearing aid will be advised and aids covered by the RAMQ will be recommended to them by our professionals. (Imprinting a custom-fit ear mold, adjusting the aids based on the needs and expectations of patients).


Post-hearing aid follow ups:

After 6-8 months, the hearing care professional will have follow-up appointments with patients who wear hearing aids. An annual check-up will then be suggested.


Scheduled visits:

Cleaning, maintenance, and reparation of hearing aids.

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