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Hearing Aids

Types of Hearing Aids

Completely-in-canal/Invisible-in-canal (CIC/IIC):

These in-ear hearing aids are custom molded and ensure perfect discretion. Nevertheless, they only offer an amplification that would suit individuals with low-to-medium hearing loss.


Receiver-in-ear (RIC) mini behind-the-ear:

These hearing aids are discrete and efficient and offer a great range of amplification that would accommodate many individuals from low-to-high hearing losses.

Behind-the-ear (BTE):

These are the most robust hearing aids that offer the greatest power and strengths that may help and satisfy individuals with high-to-severe hearing losses.

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Which hearing aid should I choose?

Your choice of hearing aids is dependent on the nature and severity of your hearing loss as well as the amount of time you would be using your hearing aid on a regular basis. High-to-severe hearing losses require a significant amplification which will be usually be attained with Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids or a Receiver-in-ear (RIC) whereas lower hearing losses will require something like a micro-contour or even an intra-auricular which will offer perfect discretion. Our hearing care professionals will suggest the most appropriate aid for your own hearing loss and your dexterity while also considering your expectations in terms of comfort and discretion.

The functions of your hearing aids:

Les Cliniques de l’Audition offers the latest technologies and innovations in the field:

  • Bluetooth hearing aids (connected to your cellular device) or auditory assistance accessories.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids, using lithium-ion batteries

  • For individuals suffering from tinnitus, certain hearing aids are equipped with a white noise generator.

The price of your hearing aids:

The price of your hearing aids will vary based on the model and the level of technology that you choose. At Les Cliniques de l’Audition, the price of the hearing aids include the initial adaptation as well as follow-up appointments for anything you may need (adjustments, cleaning, etc...) within the warranty period. The different price ranges are based on the different levels of performance from one hearing aid to another. Nonetheless, even the cheaper hearing aids must be considered if they are ideal for your situation. For example, if one wishes to be comfortable in noisier environments such as restaurants or movie theaters, then hearing aids equipped wit.c,x gxmdjfcvre information about eligibility for these programs, click the links below or contact us for more detailed information.

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